Sparkle like a Diamond… “Secretive Diamond Sparkle VIP Party”

Thank you Secretive’s housing all beauty bloggers at a “Diamond Sparkle VIP Party” at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is well-received and i totally ENJOY myself!

Lets take a look at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Interior :

Follow me….

It is nice when we could misbehave all together and have a fun time playing and mingling and chatting with food and drinks and self introduction.

We are then divided into 4 groups and time to play. Let me start with our little group of 4…haaa taking pictures in the bathtub area… WHY NOT>? Lightings are perfect!!!

Let’s shine with a beautiful smile look sparkling diamond…

What happened to my hands …all the love and creative drawings from using makeup, eyeliner, lipgloss, shadows etc…. HELP … what can i do to remove this?

Not to fear, we have ElishaCoy BB All-In-One Cleanser

Miracle is happening… it is melting away the waterproof eyeliners in no time…

My Best teammate 🙂 nice to catchup with u once again!

Yeaaa… so she was saying the mask was smelling chocolate mask

Another mask :

Next Station, beauty makeup corner..

Look at the rain of lipgloss….

Smile girls….

Trying out the different range of bb cream:

BB  CREAM FOR MEN!!! MEN pls use it!!! cover your dark eye cirle, flaws in a natural way…

My eyelashes sponsors! FROM I-Lashes Lashes!!! CLICK and shop at their shop for wholesale price. Add them in face book : CLICK or add them :

Also Other bloggers doing pouch making, see some chosen beautiful examples :

Braces girl can smile sweetly too, Glad we are  in braces!

More pictures with the girls and Group photos!!!

I really love the SEXYLOOK 3D  Mask in the goodie bag :

CLICK here to purchase , now they are having 30% online.

Also My Diamond Private Invitation Card!!! Yeaahhh Added to my Media Blogging KIT 🙂 Thanks for the Sponsorship of the goodies bag 🙂

For more information : and pictures credited to SECRETIVE

Ta ta….leaving with a happy smile! ….Miss you GIRLS!!! Looking forward to the next event

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