Singapura Lion City Musical – The New Kallang Theatre

Here i am at The New Kallang Theatre :

Relive Singapore’s history and heritage with Singapura Lion City History & Cultural Musical.

– A series of spectacular and flamboyant musical performance.
– Traces Singapore’s development from ancient times to the modern days by a team of 80 professionally trained artistes.
– A comprehensive re-enactment from the early beginnings of a young island to a
present first-world city-state.
– Fusion of modern technology, lightings, dances, acrobatics, magic shows, wushu, flamboyant costumes and more .
– Singapore’s vibrant and rich history literally comes alive with vivid projections of the stormy seas Sang Nila Utama braved, the industrial progress Sir Stamford Raffles made, a war-torn country.
– A unique convergence of intriguing and enchanting performances unique to Singapore with arts, culture and dance.

Daily Show: 830pm (there will be designated rest days, please check for show dates).

Venue: Kallang Theatre, 1 Stadium Walk

My Views after watching the musical:

I love the Singapura Lion City Musical because it is cleverly draft with a good nice beginning and a very good ending. There is alot of climax in between and the performers are very professional. I feel that they have been practising a lot and the efforts and sync with the music as they dance and perform wasnt easy. I loves the 3D of the stage where not only with the backdrop but also with the digital 3D effect, and real water splashing out from the Merlion and i would love if i will to watch again.

Really worthy to even bring parents, kids and the whole family to watch it. DOUBLE THUMBS UP!!!! And A Round of applause from me!!!!

Also , in Straits Time Life Mailbag :


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