Delcie Dessert’s Store launch

Hi Everyone,

Christmas is round the corner and getting a present or little gift for collegues or friends might be something not new anymore. As , if you get a little christmas gift set, little towel, pens, stuff from diaso, stuff packed up in takashimaya, etc… most people already have too much.

For me, i think the best present is to give a treat to people around you with a little sweet yet healthier choice and Super Tasty cake .

Locating at Delcie’s @ 951 Upper Serangoon , with Halal ingredients, the only bakery in Singapore which is awarded with the Healthier Choice Bakery award by Health Promotion Board, Singapore. The philosophy of Delcie’s is to bake organic, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and guilt-free cakes and desserts that taste great and yet are nutritious and guilt-free.

Here, Catch Delcie sinlessly good desserts and cakes and what you missed on the Press Launch Day

* Due to the place is too crowded and packed, my photos are too far away and with heads of people infront of me. thus, all pictures credit to delciesdesserts

Marie Interviewing Delcie about how she makes diabetic friendly, vegan, no animal derivities cake… Amazing! I am definately back for more!

Attending this jam packed Delcie Dessert’s Store launch. Delcie’s making VEGAN cake!!!!!! Yummilicous and i am beside Marie to answer her giveaway question 🙂 won myself a pretty hairband! Oh Yeahhh!

All photos credited to Marie and Delcie .

Check out their website for online order and customized your cake :

Delcie’s said,  “we made cakes that truly cake for you”

Delcie’s @ 951 Upper Serangoon is opened Tue-Sun (11am-8pm). 

Stay Tuned for more Product Reviews and Sponsored Review coming up… 🙂

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