Unilever launches a breakthrough technology in scalp care – CLEAR with Nutrium10

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MORE THAN 60% OF THE WORLD SUFFERS FROM DANDRUFF AND OTHER SCALP PROBLEMS * Unilever launches a breakthrough technology in scalp care – Nutrium10.

One of the world’s largest networks of dermatologists, The International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology (IACD) has identified Nutrium10 as the scalp care technology that will lead the paradigm shift in scalp care management.
Unlike other anti-dandruff shampoos that are wash-away solutions, the new Clear with Nutrium 10 treats the root cause. It not only infuses the scalp with nutrients three layers deep # but also helps to rebalance cell proliferation processes to restore the scalp to its healthy condition.
i am reviewing NEW Clear Shampoo with Nutrium 10 with the following 4 products:

  • Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol (80ml)
  • Female Clear Anti Hairfall (80ml)
  • Male Clear Cool Sports Menthol (80ml)
  • Male Anti Hairfall (80ml)

My review on Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol (80ml)
I love the cooling sensation of the shampoo on my scalp.  it takes care of my scalp. a healthy scalp yields healthy hair. the ice cool menthol aso makes my hair relax and destress. love it. 🙂

My review on Female Clear Anti Hairfall (80ml)
i love this hair fall control shampoo because it strengthen my scalp and hair. it also target dandruff and itch. my hair feels less dry and after a few washes my hair doesnt drop alot.

My brother’s review on Male Clear Cool Sports Menthol (80ml)
The shampoo is cool, massaging on the scalp is nice and the cooling sensation is GREAT. The scent is sporty and it is nice. suits a sporty healthy guy. when u are healthy, u love it from head to toe! 🙂

My brother’s review on Male Anti Hairfall (80ml)
The scent is nice. the hair fall is well contro. it nourishes the scalp layers and the hair and scalp dont feel oily. it is nice after using. the scalp does not feel irritated and itch.

To have a healthy scalp and nice healthy hair, give it a try and get yours to try 🙂 while stock lasts 🙂

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