Method – For the love of the clean – products reviews

Beautiful skin starts from being neat and clean at home 🙂 And i love to choose products that looks nice at home . Method is my chosen products in my home for the love of being clean 🙂

Also. i love method because they are made with plant based ingredients, it is safe for people and pets. The bottles are also manufactured from 100 per cent recycled plastic and the fragrances are from flowers, herbs and fruits extract.

Introducing my favourite must-have products for my home :

All-purpose cleaner with powergreen technology – the ultimate clean, brought to you by plants grease + grime don’t stand a chance. not with new powergreen™ technology in your grasp. each squirt, in all its lovely non-toxic glory, delivers a mighty cleaning punch with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients. cleaners derived from corn + coconut break down dirt naturally, so every spray leaves nothing behind but a fresh scent + gleaming clean. it’s your favorite cleaner in the same size, but with a powerful, new formula and a little more pizzazz.

What the smell that is available? French Lavendar and Pink Grapefruit

Next, i love my sofa to be clean and nice : method leather wipe 30’s

need we say more

who knew bamboo could be so good for leather? we did. that’s why we made these handy dandy wipes that’ll keep your hide looking as rich and lustrous as the day it was tanned. they’re non-toxic and compostable, so they’re as gentle on the environment as they are on your leather. lovely.

what’s that smell? Almond! 🙂

Who’s against dirty?
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