Surviving Valentine’s day…

Having shared so much on beauty product, dine and gifts idea…time to share on this topic of Surviving Valentine’s day. 🙂

Valentine’s Day is a romantic time for couples – a special day to express love.

And it can also put pressure on people who, every other day of the year, are perfectly fine with their single status.

Are you one of the millions of singles who is lonely on this day?

Feeling alienated or insecure may leave you depressed – and worried that you don’t have the energy or motivation to do what is in your best interests. NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

Love yourself, you don’t have to react like that. Although you can’t control whether or not you have a romantic attachment at this time, you can control how you handle Valentine’s Day.

Follow these 10 tips and you can put this one day a year in perspective and take your stress level down a notch:

1. Be Yourself. Pay attention to the positives in your life.
Notice who you enjoy spending time with and what about them brings you pleasure. And remember that your personal character and qualities make them want to be your friends.  Relax into your friendships as you enjoy fuller and deeper conversations. A deeper understanding came along through time

2. Believe in Serendipity.
Forget about the conventional way of making a list of what you expect in a partner and what changes you may be willing to make. Take whatever steps you think are vital to improve your chances.

3. Connect often with others.
Going out with a group of colleagues can sometimes be more fun than a date. And having support is especially important when you’re feeling down. Be willing to talk things out, smile and have fun. Know your friends’ friends. 🙂 You never know, one thing leads to another! 🙂

4. Stay Happy Always, live happily ever after.
Be Happy – I’m fine just the way I am; my life is full of those who care about me – and repeat it out loud, with conviction and often in the mirror. Believe and smile for every blessings that happen everyday! Smile and feels happy about it! 🙂

5. Trust your instincts and yourself.
Be sure that you’re integrating your core values and personal ideals into how you live your life. Listening to your inner voice can provide comfort and reassurance about where you are right now. Focus on why you’re happy with who you are and what’s important to you.

6. Lower your expectations about today.
Actually, there really is no perfect day, so relax. Take the lead and make a plan –  a hike in the hills , go for a run , watch a movie , just do anything that you feel happy. The wonderful memories you create will last long after the day is over. Tell yourself you can do things faster alone, enjoy the ride in the car, sing it out, simply enjoy life.

7. Give back some love.
Studies show that when you shift attention away from yourself to others, you actually feel better. Give me a dinner TREAT 🙂 hahahhaa you will feel better < just kidding 🙂 >

8. Volunteer your time.
Nothing makes the day more special than a good deed.

9. Sing it out, work it out and think positive.
Let go of all frustration, anger or disappointment. sing it out even if you dont sound like marie carrey, work it out even if you cant do yoga, or kick boxing, just enjoy it! Dare to try a sport , sing, dance, you will realise that you achieve something at the end of the day!

10. Be your OWN Valentine! Celebrate Life! <MOST IMPORTANT POINT THAT SUMS IT ALL UP >
Nurture yourself and your body through regular exercise, good nutrition and proper rest. Go on a Holiday, explore places, watch sun rise, sun set, do bungee jump, go on an adventure and CELEBRATE LIFE!~

Singapore is a safe place to go party, hang out at pubs or bars,  pull of a sexy hot dress on a ladies night, dance and flirt it, have lots of admirers and ENJOY your freedom and your life 🙂 do the party hop if there isnt any people take notice of you… explore and have fun!

Take note :
– watch your alcohol , dont get drunk, maybe happy and high is the max. (3 glasses Rules)

– Don’t allow your friends of opposite sex to join you if they have no interest in you but appear to want to protect you like a body guard or a caring friend. Be firm and say no . They will unintentionally block you from people who is keen for you.

If you are still hestitating and feeling low that my 10 points are difficult to do or achieve, don’t cry… remember i love you… CHEERS! ~

On Valentine’s Day, give yourself the priceless gift of a life less stressed. Mark the calendar with February 14th as the first day of the rest of your life. 🙂

Last but not least, keep on the flirt, LOVE YOURSELF… You are STRONG and you survived~! 🙂 <JUST LIKE ME> 🙂

Stay Happy Always… Live happily ever after 🙂

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