Ginevi goes for a Heal Spa for a Natural Therapeutic Massage

hi everyone, i always feel that time flies pretty fast with everyday with so many things to do and so little time. Other than working, working out, meetings and lots more. i always felt that we should squeeze out an hour for a Therapeutic Massage.

And even on my saturdays i am pretty busy and i am glad that i would do a review for Heal Spa for a Natural Therapeutic Massage.

Let me share a little history of Heal Spa.

HealSpa inherit from the old Zhongshan University’s professional experience in health Spa services.

Base its services on traditional Chinese medicine approach. HealSpa aims at providing people living in the busy working life in the city, a place to relax and to sweat it out to achieve the detoxification purpose. Hence provide their body a rejuvenation opportunity.

At Healspa, prevention rather than cure, the treatment is largely based on traditional herbs base products to provide health rejuvenation, and hence regulate physique to improve system recuperation. This help to establishing individual health nourishment programed natural herbals without additional by products satisfying everybody s need for health and beauty rejuvenation.

Lets take a look on how i am in the massage.

ok i am ready… the bed is sooo comfy!

in the process …


And finally…. hihi i survived!!!! 🙂

The massage was really very helpful in releasing my toxin in my body .

As i work on my computer alot and even driving, it really makes my shoulder very tight, and a massage really help to loosen out my stress in my shoulder and back.

it is relaxing and not hardselling. overall experience is GREAT. price is reasonable too.
i like the strategic location at amara hotel level 4. 🙂

Will i come again ?
YES! 🙂

For more information : pls visit

Before i go to bed… read this and felt that this quote is really meaningful .

Sharing this :
Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most “talented” hypocrite -Charles Spurgeon

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