Sure Solution Intra Facelift Treatment Review

Hi Everyone,

Recently Ginevi went to for  Intra Facelift Treatment at Sure Solution. The second outlet is located at one marina boulevard B1-03 , strategically located at raffles place. pretty convenient.

Before they start doing the face treatment. The doctor do a consultation with me . She explained that this Intra Facelift Treatment  will leave my skin looking years younger, with oxygen therapy that creates a rejuvenation effect. < YEAH! >

Let me share some information of the Intra Facelift Treatment …

It is a Hollywood-style face treatment, which injects serum into the deeper layer of the skin with no pain at all. The Intraceutical serum contains natural vitamin A,C,E, and green tea extracts which gives you the benefit and help to neutralized free radicals on skin layers and rejuvenate skin, making your skin look younger and radiant.

The technology of Hyperbaric Oxygen, which aids the serum to be absorbed and penetrated deeper and more instantly into the epidermis layer of the skin. This results in skin with high portions of antioxidant, making the skin look brighter and more radiant.

Benefits of Intra Face Lift:

• Increases skin firmness, builds skin integrity, increases radiance, and give comforts to dry sensitive or stressed skin

• Visible results are immediate • The process is non-invasive, painless, and safe both during and after the treatment

Long-term use of this treatment aids in lightening pigmentation marks and lessening the existence of excess melanin in the skin

• This gives the skin a lifting effect, giving a more youthful appearance – Lift away years of age!

Indeed, it excites me to share my treatment experience with you upon hearing that. 🙂

Sure Solution has customized towel, isnt this awesome?

and take at the look at the cozy bed with i gonna be lying on!

So my experience at Sure Solution is really good. my face is cleanse thoroughly and the extraction was painless. i am glad they actually have some extraction and eyebrow trimming for me 🙂 before the facial treatment starts.
My skin was ensured a thorough preparation. after which the  Intra Facelift with a slight warm feeling on my skin. i was pretty nervous in fact as this is my 1st time to try this out. after the intra facelift, it is followed by a facial massage and i was totally indulged into the goodness and felt sooo relax. 🙂
My skin is doing well after the treatment!!!
And Yea… i am SURE! it is good for my skin 🙂 and yours too!
Check out their website for more information :

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