Great Singapore Sales : Ginevi went to hair profile to color her hair

<Sharing my hair experiences this great singapore sales>
You know it our hair color does play a part in making us looks better 🙂 it enhances our overall appearances.
Usually i use my weekend to do my hair.  i start my day on a saturday by hopping into the hair profile at far east plaza 01-91.
This place looks nice and classy :
Today i am going to make my hair smooth and straight and colouring as there is a great singapore special promotion that i have found. sharing what i have found :
Great Singapore Special:
Special Promo for Hair ProfileSalon at far east plaza #01-91 (t: 6838 1811) Book your appointment! While stock lasts!
Let me share on how Hair Profile is going to make my hair smooth and straight :
For the girls looking to achieve more natural looking hair (not the dead straight ones), this Japanese offering does wonders! It’s much milder than a re-bonding treatment, and it just gently relaxes + straightens the curls without damaging the hair.
Cosme Cream

Available at Hair Profile, find out more about this awesome conditioner by contacting us @ 6838 1811 or simply walk in to the salon to enquire
{picture credit to hair profile facebook page}
Let’s take a look at the process that i experience at Hair Profile and before i start, let take a look at how my hair looks like before the treatment  :
Using the cosme cream to relax my hair and reset it’s elasticity. 🙂
i am happy that my hair is going to be smooth and straight again!!! 🙂
the whole process takes bout 4hours… yes i am getting sleepy heehee 🙂
Yes, look at my hair now as compare to before i start. yes it is a great differences! Hair Profile can really help you regain the smooth healthy hair 🙂 i am happy again
My hair ends looks much more healthy now. my hair looks relax and natural. 🙂 my hair color also looks nice and smooth 🙂
Want to have nice and smooth hair and nice natural brown tone, call hair profile now to get your hair done .

Walk away with a bottle of Redken Color Extend shampoo (300ml) Free for every hair color done. Call Hair Profile 6838 1811 for appointment 🙂


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