The GREAT Kiwi Party !!! Happy Sunday!!!

hi everyone,

it is the GREAT  Zespri Kiwi Party ! Check out the dishes that we had prepared!!!

Great time to whip up GREAT meal and a rewarding Sunday after a great exercise  🙂

Starting with the appetizer to whipped up the taste bud 🙂

Appetizer : Kiwifruit Salsa with tuna 🙂 


Ingredients :
– biscuit
– cheese
–  zespri kiwi
– tuna
– japanese cucumber

A dish which not only the adult love it. but the children love it too 🙂

Tip of the day : Tenderise the meat that you are about to cook with Zespri kiwifruit , the actinidin in Zespri kiwifruit can come to the rescue, making the meat nice and tender 🙂 Also, removing the fishy smell of the fish 

Mains: Nyonyastyle Asam Fish Curry with Zespri® Kiwifruit ,click here for recipe

Ingredients :
– Salmon fish
– ladyfinger
– Zespri 5 kiwifruit
asam chilli

And to sum up the GREAT Feast , i have made the kiwi jelly with a digestive biscuit crust 🙂 to balance the sweetness 🙂

Desserts : Zespri Layer fruit dessert 


Ingredients :
– biscuit
– butter
– 2 eggs
– milk
– marhsmellow (NON FAT)
– Zespri kiwi fruit
– jelly powder

Click here for the full recipe : (CLICK HERE )

Don’t forget to check out to find out more about the amazing benefits of eating Zespri kiwifruit regularly. And don’t forget to like their facebook page at

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