Media Launch : The Ultimate Ramen Champion 2013

Hi everyone,


Recently i attended the media launch of the Ultimate Ramen Champion and also meeting Chef Yousuke Yoshimura of Ikkousha who is the reigning champion for the last 2 years.

Look who is there too? ST RAZOR TV!!!


The standard of ramen in singapore is very high and the competition to earn the ramen title is quite challenging.


Ikkousha Raman is at Bugis+ , hakata ramen (thin ramen) priced at $16.50 . A good bowl of ramen is one with a tasty broth and well-made ramen. one that is made with love 🙂

What makes a good broth? 
Time is most important in making a tasty broth. our soup is cooked for 12 hours and we change the pork bones every few hours in order to achieve a rich and tasty broth.

Hakata ramen is thin, thus making it faster to cook . it has evolved to become a signature ramen noodle type in hakata . the special texture allows the noodle to absorb the soup hence enhancing the taste of the dish.


And now…


Three NEW contenders take on Ikkousha … Muso, Menban Yamagishi kazuo, Buta God. 
Ultimate Ramen Champion 2013 kicks off from
1st August 2013 to 30th July 2014

The 9 stalls will need to strive to sell as many bowls of ramen as they can to win. And the judging criteria include sales takings, vote counts via facebook and onsite voting.


Let me introduce the 9 stalls :

 Muso, Tokyo , signature ramen  : special cha cha ramen
An unrivaled ramen chef crownded no. 1 in tokyo and hongkong
(available in Bugis+)

Bario , tokyo , signature ramen : ajitama ramen
Listed 50 best things to eat in the world by the guardian uk. with their special well-balanced ramen typically cooked over 12 hours
(available in Bugis+)

Gantetsu , Sapporo ,  signature ramen  : king chasu ramen
Taking pride in making the finest ramen , gantetsu us a strong contender hailing from japan’s city of ramen
(available in Bugis+)

Menban yamagishi kazuo , tokyo ,signature ramen : Special ramen
nicknamed the “master of ramen” with their chef’s personalised twist in their secret traditional ramen recipe
(available in Bugis+)

Ikkousha, hakata , signature ramen  : spicy takana ramen
reining ramen champion winner for 3 yrs in a row making their hakata-style the most celebrated in singapore
(available in Bugis+)

Buta god. tokyo. signature ramen  : nikumashi ramen .
a promising new contestant specialising in pork ramen with a unique tonkotsu broth
(available in Bugis+)

Riki, tokyo signature ramen  : Riki Tsukemen
achieved perfect broth that is boiled daily for 8 hours!
(available in T3)

Keishoken , gunma , signature ramen : ajitaman ramen
signature colours ramen in white , black , red, yellow , orange to reflect unique taste and presentation
(available in T3)

Taka no tsume , chiba , signature ramen : ramen deluxe with szechuan style sauce
creates authentic japanese ramen with spicy sauce that is unique to only taka no tsume.
(available in T3)

My favourite and my vote goes to BUTA GOD 🙂 


i hope this will help him with some votes 🙂
i called it shikiyaki in a bowl. it is so tasty and everytime i eat their ramen… i was so into it until i didn’t really talk but just enjoying it heartily 🙂 i love how the pork meat was cook and is so unique that i love to dip with the egg yolks. Very juicy and the soup was really yummylicious. 🙂 i am soooo craving for it now!

if you haven’t try it… remember to try it!

Dont forget to like Ramen Champion facebook page (CLICK HERE) and Asus facebook page (CLICK HERE) 

Ramen Champion is located in 2 locations in singapore :

Bugis +
201 Victoria street Bugis+ , 04-10 S(188607)

Changi T3 
65 Airport boulevard , B2-58, T3 S(819663)

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