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A beautiful day that kick that a wonderful journey overseas.
I am really thankful to be back again to Melacca!  One of my favourite things to do in my life is travelling. i really love to travel. Always appreciate very much whenever my blog brought me opportunity to travel! I have always wish to go to Melacca , KL and many part of malaysia.
Thanks to this great opportunity, and here i am this post gonna be all about Melacca
Earlier on, i shared the post on travelling to Julie’s biscuit factory. Now, this post i will take you to what to eat for dinner, breakfast and lunch at Melacca. And if you only have a saturday and sunday. What to do during this little time you have.
If you want a extra short trip to spend overseas, the best thing is you can go melacca. You will need to book a coach preferrably 8am to start of with. why coach ? Because , you can just sleep and it is last troublesome than flight .
5 reasons why it is good to travel to Melacca : 
1. You get to eat nonya food
2. You get to go to Jonker street . You get to eat street food, buy good deal tanktop and buy malaysia munchie snacks
3. You get to go to visit St. Paul Cathedral
4. You get to eat Chicken Rice Ball 🙂
5. Holiday is always good 🙂 Rest and Relax and Recharge. YES! The 3Rs 🙂
And what to eat at Melacca for dinner?
Definitely Nonya food!!! We are at Restoran Nonya Makko
keropok as the starter 🙂
the good thing about nonya food is, there is spicy dishes as well as dish like otah which is my favourite!
This is very authethic and simple, tofu with fried onion and vegetables.
Otah stick, taste like otah fishcake, can it by itself or with rice
Chendol is a must-have at Malacca
Food in Malaysia is valued for money. The rate is good and when eating at restaurant there I feel good when I can order what I want to eat without thinking of how much it will cost. 🙂 definitely good for a short getaway. however, probably the toilet wasn’t so cool. room for improvement. 🙂
After a feast, time to go to have a walk or maybe a second round of street food. the beautiful lights of jonker street. Just like a little macau to me 🙂 do you think so?
the fellow bloggers buying cotton candy 🙂
it is really crowded here, so it is good to dress casually
The durian puff… be sure to put the whole thing in your mouth as it will burst and the juice will flow outCIMG2238
Jonker street is a good place to shop for cheap tanktop, makeup pouch, sunglass, handphone case.
Some malacca snacks to buy and bring home
Hakka pie. this is the first time I saw this 🙂
What is good for breakfast?
i would recommand going to Toast ‘n’ Toast!
at Toast ‘n’ Toast , you can eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner there! they serve breakfast to horfun, meesiam to fried rice. so practically order or eat anything you want!
Scramble egg sandwich 🙂 it tastes like home cook food.
And I love kaya toast. I can eat kaya everyday 🙂
pork floss with seaweed and mayo sandwich. something unique.20140824_092036
The breakfast set, looks like something that I can prepare for you 🙂 very homemade style. feel so at home when I am eating there.
And what the other table is having? let’s take a look
And my favourite girls!!!  i miss you
And the happy bunch of us having our breakfast! Can you spot where is me?

Alright, next up, we are going to visit St. Paul Cathedral

Do you know why the statue does not have one hand?


A marble statue of St. Francis Xavier, built in 1953, stands within the complex commemorating Malaysia’s best-known missionary. Stories say that when Xavier was to be canonized in 1614 the Vatican demanded the right arm (this was the arm Francis used to bless his converts) from the body. When it was cut off, blood appeared to drip, 6o-odd years after his death; when the marble statue was erected in 1952, on the morning after its consecration a large casuarina tree fell on it severing its right arm.



The ruins of St. Paul’s Church are at the summit of St. Paul’s Hill. Built on the site of the last Malaccan sultan’s istana (palace), it was constructed by Portuguese fidalgo (nobleman) captain, Duarte Coelho, in gratitude to the Virgin Mary for saving his life during a storm at sea.

Roofless and covered in ferns, it was originally called the Nossa Senhora da Annunciada (Our Lady of the Annunciation). Though it has been in ruins for more than 150 years, it is a beautiful, breezy sanctuary (reached after a steep flight of stairs) set near the remains of A’ Famosa fort.


Outfit of the day. something casual coz the sun is sooo hot 🙂

20140824_105103 20140824_105032 20140824_104851


every steps I take 🙂 step by step towards my dreams
20140824_103511 20140824_102730 20140824_102514 20140824_105914 20140824_105415 20140824_105358 20140824_105322 20140824_105216 20140824_105144 20140824_105129 20140824_110720

And before we leave Malacca, lets have the famous Chicken Riceball 🙂


my favourite sambal sotong. I can finish it all


the chicken is very tender, juicy and I totally forget how many I have eaten. so good 🙂

20140824_131928 20140824_131748 20140824_131633 20140824_131536

it is so bouncy and this is my 1st time eating this chicken rice ball



This pretty sum up a weekend well spent on Saturday and sunday 🙂 I guess this is something different from just window shopping around Singapore or catching a movie. Definitely something nice to do and have a short getaway 🙂 Do you like Malaysia? share with me where to eat , shop, travel . Feel free to write your comment and share with  me where to eat at Malacca, penang, KL, etc 🙂

And taking the coach back to Singapore 🙂 selfie time 🙂

20140824_143137 20140824_143145

Ginevi loves Travelling! Travel with me! Contact me if you want to engage me to travel : gineviwong@gmail.com

Signing off here, xoxo, Ginevi


Credit to Ellice and William Tan for the photos 🙂

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