My Exquisite Taste : Chanel Nails for the New Year

Chinese New year is round the corner and this is my Chanel Nails .

Didn’t want the meh meh on my fingers because i prefer something from my favourite brand 🙂 I am glad AmyNails88 did a great job 🙂 Been wanting to do this and finally found this at Far East Plaza.

My Exquisite Taste. Chanel Nails @amynail88 (instagram)

Quote my name “Gin” for a good price # 02-104 Far East Plaza . Whatsapp : 9180 6579 .


This is all nail art. You can also give your own design and amy will draw for you. 🙂

20150204_191054 20150204_191124 20150211_231822

It is so pretty even when i am wearing black


Here wishing all a Happy Meh meh Year 🙂 And this is my favourite pineapple tart from my favourite That Cupcake shop. Instagram : @thatcupcakeshop


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