Find your Eco-style : T-shirt scarf workshop

What to do with Tshirts that are not worn for a long time or doesn’t fit anymore?

I guess most of us will choose to throw it away or donate it away, but what if they is something you can do to make it better and reuse it again?

Find your own eco-style by recycling your old teeshirts.

I did a black Tshirt scarf from my used Tshirt
I remember Mphosis have something like this and they will sell for 20 bucks .

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i guess it adds more to what i am wearing in terms on the color contrast and how my used black teeshirt has transformed into a scarf.

A very short post to show you guys the scarf. it is pretty much easy to do , lots of cutting and pulling of the material. if you guys would like to know how to do this tshirt scarf, pls made a comment down below and i will make a video on how to do it.

Thank you so much . Love all of you!

Signing off ,

xoxo @ginevi

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