Novu Medical Aesthetic Clinic (Bedok Mall)

Congrats to the opening of Novu Medical Aesthetic Clinic at Bedok Mall.

i have attended the opening of Novu Medical Aesthetic Clinic (Bedok Mall) and i like the how the design of the clinic is and there is alot of shelf with mirror that allows me to check my face. its first curated clinic concept with the mission of not just providing skincare by medical professionals but also taking care of holistic wellness and healing of patients.

Do you know that our brain and body continually communicate and the surroundings influence your well-being in powerful way?


The award winning architect Mr Chaw chih wen from Hyphen Architects,  explaining the concept of the store. he explained the use of colors , lighting , scent and sound, as well as symbolic meaning of objects and pictures surrounding them are all important.

Novo medical aesthetic changed the entire landscape and curated music with renowned vocalist and songwriter Ms. Corinne Gibbons.

The clinic also uses 100% pure natural essential oils to promote relaxation and healing benefits which complement their signature treatments.

The doctor explaining how laser is good for the skin.

Novu clinic has won awards.

This is the carbon laser treatment. with brightening and tightening effect for my skin. 

The Elemental range of product, i like the Active Repair Cleansing Gel. i like this cleansing gel because it is non drying and soap free. it gently exfoliates yet comedones without drying the skin.

These are the other product ranges

For more information, please visit :
The above pictures are taken at NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic at East : Bedok Mall – 311 New Upper Changi Road #01-45/46

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