CNP Cleansing Perfecta – my daily cleanser

Hi everyone, many people have asked me tips for beautiful skin , I Guess for me it definitely have to be using a good cleanser .

What are the considerations when i choose for my daily cleanser?

1. A cleanser that can wash away waterproof makeup B.B. cream and also sunblock is important.

2. A cleanser that does not give drying or tight skin effect after washing (without stripping of skin moisture)

3. Affordable

CNP Cleansing Perfecta – A cleanser that has what I needed . It is gentle for my skin and remove waterproof make up.

You can get it at guardian for $5.90 which is very affordable. It is 50ml and is travel friendly, can bring along to gym class, dance class , fitness class and wash your face before or after class. This would be good to take care of your skin .

Thank you for reading. Let me know if u like this cleanser too by leaving a comment.

Xoxo, ginevi

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