My Daily Essentials

Hello, going to talk about my daily essentials, i think when i heard people said that toothache and all, it all bottoms down to dental hygiene. i have tried alot of brands and my personal favourite are Sensodyne True White and Darlie Gum Care.

Sensodyne True White has the lowest abrasion formulation ever in a toothpaste. it relief sensitivity, stain prevention and it removes stain. i use this to brush my teeth twice daily. when i wake up and before bed. i think it protect my teeth and restore the color of my teeth. i have used alot of whitening toothpaste and i find that this brand is really good and creditable.

Darlie Gum Care is another favourite of mine. i like to use it for gum protection. i like how it prevent plaque building up and also relieves sensitive teeth.  i think this is something that i will repurchase because it helps in sensitive teeth and gum care. it is good for people who finds blood or has bleeding gums . The toothpaste helps to strengthen gums and restores our gums. 


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