Wine Bonanza – great chill out place in singapore on friday

Wine Bonanza serves modern fusion cuisine with fresh and quality food ingredients. Their food menu is a good mix of wine pairings with food dishes.

Great starter and appetiser to start off with. half a dozen of oysters 🙂 i think oysters lovers cant get enough with this, probably they can finish the whole plate easily.

Half dozen at $21 Iris Gallagher oysters with hendricks gin cucumber relish

Octopus carpacio $17. this tender octopus legs from spain are thinly spiced and topped with cress and radish. this is a perfect compliment to the octopus and the natural taste is well retained. the octopus taste nice and this makes a good appetitizer

Another great appetizer : Aged italian bean puree beignet with truffle mayo $15

The bean puree beignets covered with bread crumbs are deep fried and topped with specially made truffle mayo. great for vegetarian too.

Pasta lover like myself, enjoy this lobster aglio olio with caviar. The size of the lobster is just nice with the amount of spagetti given. i would say that this is my favourite dish and a must-have when i visit wine bonanza. price at $39

Bread and butter pudding at $9 . this is a very interesting combination where the brioche bread has cinnamon flavoured pudding and top with vanilla icecream.

wine with cheese is the best. there is a variety selection of chinese that can go with your wine. this is great with friends for a chit chat session and some cheese to munch on. 

Follow Wine Bonanza at the facebook page : click here
and instagram at @winebonanzasg

for reservation : T : 6909 3828, www,

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