Ganbanyoku Hot Stone Therapy



Ganbanyoku Hot Stone Therapy is a great experience to sweat out and detox. some people might say just do jogging or exercise and will sweat. however, the amount of sweat is alot and can be dripping.

Also, the environment is so peaceful. so just take a nap and sweat it out. or can just relax the mind and rest.

There is a place can store your bag, also a tip for you. pls bring a disposible panty if you go there. in case you sweat too much.

Ganbanyonku is a rare gem located at Far East Plaza, Scotts Road. It delivers the most authentic form of Japanese non-invasive and therapeutic methods, using the best forms of healing stem from a natural source.  This 60 mins therapy helps to counter physical imbalances and eradicate toxins that might create diseases, suitable for children from as young as 12 years old to Senior Citizens.

The stones that Ganbanyonku uses are all imported from Japan.  They release Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) and negative ions to speed up the release of toxins from the body through perspiration.  FIRs have the ability to penetrate deeply into the inner areas of muscles, joints and tissue to active major bodily function.  FIRs do not include UV rays and are very safe.

i find that i sleep better at night after the session and my muscles and joint is more relax. also i feel that i can sweat more normally as i dont sweat much usually. however i think after the session must drink alot of water if not will get dehydrated. 

you can also visit with your friends for an hour of rest and relaxation.

Benefits of sleeping on this Hot Stone Therapy


Experience the natural healing experience at Ganbanyoku Hot Stone Therapy at Far East Plaza 02-29 call to book your appointment 6208 9357 and enjoy one session starting at $20.

For more information check their website :

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