FIRST LIGHT THE SERUM​, Ceramiracle’s first-ever beauty essence

Ceramiracle – a nutricosmetics company based in California, USA, that specializes in ingestible and topical ageless skincare. The debut product FIRST LIGHT CERAMIDES SKIN SUPPLEMENT continues to be our bestseller to date.

Introducing the FIRST LIGHT THE SERUM​, Ceramiracle’s first-ever beauty essence. Inspired by vernix caseosa – baby’s first beauty product – THE SERUM mimics the benefits of the vernix to bring back baby soft skin for you.

Suitable for all skin types, THE SERUM is a waterless beauty essence containing >95% active ingredients and is fortified with botanical extracts of Wakame cell culture, White lupin seed and Phytoceramides that combine synergistically to mimic the intense hydration and skin nourishing properties of the vernix. THE SERUM strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and seals in moisture to keep skin hydrated, resilient and youthful. It also doubles up as a moisturizer and essence, making great skincare easier and more convenient.

The serum is clear in color and light weighted.

My skin feels good after using the serum. I think it is a good skin maintainence serum for daily use . It is fast absorbing into the skin and does not leave any greasy feeling or sticky feeling . i use about 3 drops on my cleansed skin and after that apply a moisturiser over it. This serum has anti-aging properties and make my skin feel soft and supple.

You can purchase it online : (CLICK HERE) 


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