Ginevi reads for food recommandations

Hi everyone, is one of Singapore’s leading online food publication. One of the trustworthy page i would look for would be They have tried the latest restaurant or food places that launch in Singapore.  The reviews are honest and helpful.

There is so many F&B outlets and restaurants in Singapore and i would usually read up reviews online before i head down to try the restaurants, and to do a bit of research of which dish to order.  i like that has a variety of food publications that is ranging from hawker food, to restaurant food.

One of the recent blog post that i find it interesting and useful is

10 Hipster Hawker Centres And Kopitiams With Modern Decor And IG-Worthy Food

after reading it and watching the youtube at eatbook. i like to visit FOMO, this dish in particular make me wanna visit the place to try it, the “melt in the mouth” mochi . Also, i think other dish that is available there. And true to that , the place is a hipster place 🙂

Click on this link for more :


And this is the youtube channel from eatbook :

Another recent post i find it useful to the coming Chinese new year would be

10 CNY Reunion Dinner Spots in 2018 Including Atas And Casual Places For Various Budgets. 

i am particulary impressed by this Yan’s Signature ‘Shun De Style’ Lo Hei, unlike the usual lo hei dish i saw over the years. This one have the height and looks impressive to try with family. It features slices of salmon and lobster atop a tower of fried vermicelli, and a good scattering of gold leaves, ginger, spring onions, capsicum and peanuts.

since lo hei is a once in a year thing . i think this would be a good thing to have during chinese new year 🙂


i would recommand to you all, as it is pretty comprehensive with various food places to explore and new places to check out and dine in. Their rating for some places might be slightly higher than foodking but i think it is truthful in terms of the details of the food . And they also have a youtube channel that you can view it for food recommandation. Also, recommandation of hidden food dishes (hidden gems) that you and i might not know.

Have a happy weekend. 🙂

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