Ganbanyoku hot stone therapy with Utena Mask

hi everyone,

i am loving the Ganbanyoku hot stone therapy so far at my 5th time here. Each time i feel my skin is smoother after detox and softer skin. i find that it is a good place to release the stress i have from my sitting posture when using the computer, my shoulder become very stiff.

And as you can i have some pimples on my forehead. Thus i need the mask to help me with my skin.

Today i am using the Golden Jelly Collagen mask from Utena. it is sold at Ganbanyoku.

The experience of having a mask on during the hot stone therapy would be that the mask seem to be very fitting on my face. and it is more of a hot mask feeling effect. i think my pores are open up to absorb the mask. so i am wondering if it is good or not.

i do feel that the mask is tightly fitted on my skin, like a firming effect.

The collagen in the mask helps to provide my skin suppleness and resilience also hydrating it.

Other Utena Luxurious Jelly Sheet Mask, are as below. These masks contain plenty of rich jelly-type beauty essence, to hydrate and soften my skin. 33g of luxurious jelly beauty essence.

This is the Golden Jelly Mask HA ( Hyaluronic Acid ) – moisturising effect. The hyaluronic acid helps to maintains the skin moisture.

This is the Golden Jelly Mask RJ ( Royal Jelly ) – for anti aging. 

This is the Golden Jelly Mask RO (Rose) – For hydrating and tone.

After using these mask. i would recommand to you as well because it is affordable and i like that the lotion inside is not those watery where it might drip all over to your clothes. i like that it is a jelly mix and that it can be applied on the skin.

if you are keen to get the products, check out their facebook or visit their stores


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