A New Luxurious Jelly Lotion for my skin

hi everyone,

Recently, due to poor rest and a bad cough, i fall sick and my skin also become dry and dull. Thus, i decided to use a skincare that is good for my skin and lately Jelly lotion are popular because of it hydrating properties.

Fortified with 400-year Tradition, the “Kanazawa Gold Leaf, Utena Golden Jelly lotion is filled with all the goodness in a 190ml bottle 🙂

These are the 5 important ingredients : Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Adlay Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, Yeast Extract.

The product contacts 5 premium beauty ingredients that help to improve skin’s hydration level, suppleness & radiance.

After using it for 2 weeks, i would say that my skin feels better and that i would use it again. the product have a light scent from it ingredients. i can see that my skin condition improves and it is not dry. Also, i notice that the expression lines on my forehead is greatly reduced. i am happy with the results.

Also, i like that it is quite a thick gel-like lotion, i dont need to use cotton pad to swipe on my face to apply the lotion. currently i have used about 1/5 of it, for about 20 days. i am really happy that it does improve my skin condition even though i havent been resting alot.

i think i would re-purchase the product after i finish this bottle.

if you are keen to get the product, check out their facebook or visit the store at


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