Amazing Shepherd’s Pie Baked with Love

hi everyone,

As you know, food delivery is the current thing in Singapore and that there is so many different types of food and endless choices of varieties. Other than fast food, rice or noodles, one of my favourite is Shepherd’s pie that can fill my tummy as good as the stables. And i would like to introduce my favourite Shepherd’s pie or cottage pie is a meat pie with a crust or topping of mashed potato. is an online bakery that aims to provide delicious Shepherd’s Pies straight to your doorstep.  This is what i have got from them and it is so favourful and smooth. And it feels like a home-baked dish, every mouthful feel so delicious.

You can see from the mini size that is a cupcake size, which is suitable for parties, events and gatherings and you can see that the chicken filling is alot together with the mix.

Sharing the video on how’s it is like inside :



Unboxing it, how nicely it is packed. if it is your first time trying, you can order a small one and a medium one for try out and good sharing 🙂



The medium size is 9x 5 inch and is a great option for sharing and for family or with friends after a workout, a good way to recharge witha shepherd’s pie. And i like that there is free delivery for $80 and above. Ordering online is fuss-free and there is option to choose the date and time.

Find and discover your favourite pie and order to try now.  Perfect for the upcoming festive season 🙂 Shop now :


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